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Then, you know that we are in Phase 1 of our sanctuary renovation. We are so grateful that you have chosen to partner with us to purchase new seating for our sanctuary.

There are 3 Tiers to choose from, but please don't allow us to limit your seed. 
1 Seat - $56.95
5 seats -$285
A row of seats - $570
Celebration plaque - $4 each

(celebration plaques are small plaques that are placed on the back of the seating to commemorate this awesome achievement. The plaques display short text. Ex: "The Wallabee family 2024." "CELEBRATING THE LEGACY OF WILLIE SKETCH.") 

Here's How To Sow:
Click the Pushpay link below and Select: Sponsor A Seat Campaign.  Click the Celebration Plaque Button to Submit information for plaques.
Pledges and plaque information should be submitted by JUNE 4TH.


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