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Kingdom philanthropy 

Kingdom Philanthropy exists and our goal is to bring awareness to every believer:

  • The call to do good works in the earth [without limit]

  • The responsibility to create a legacy [Proverbs 13:22]

  • The capacity to be a philanthropist

  • Develop and cultivate entrepreneurs  

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Our Mission: Kingdom Philanthropy:

We exist to transform lives through philanthropic initiatives through hope, resources and partnerships worldwide.

Education Initiative:

This program aims to provide support for highly promising students who are hoping to start an undergraduate degree at one of the four-year institutions in the United States.


We fund graduating senior candidates who:

  • have demonstrated exceptional academic merit; and

  • are interested in using their careers to do as much good as possible.

We have awarded two scholarships for cohort 2022-2023 and will award two more scholarships for cohort 2023-2024.

Join The KP Team

Are you interested in serving on the Kingdom Philanthropy team in any capacity?

Please send your full name and best contact number below.

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